Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat Overlords

One of the great units in Squat fluff are Overlord zeppelins and helicopters, although I’ve never imagined them as such. When thinking about the overall look of the larger warped demonic war engines I decided to go for a mix between spaceship and barge design. Just think about temple like arrow shaped constructs that seem obviously too heavy to fly, empowered by warp energy, spying destruction on those who dare coming close. In game the Overlords seem to have a lot of output, but due to support craft rules break rather quickly, which is why they need to keep protected. A key role is also spotting for ground formations, which is powerful, as it enables all those macro barrage weapons to fire indirectly. The other formation providing spotter for the big guns are Iron Hawks. Mine were initially designed as Tzeentch Silver Towers. All these units were scratched and I payed less then eight GBP for them, excluding time and effort in creating them. So I would recomend you to try it yourself. It ain’t that complicated and worth while, once you got it done 🙂

One question remaining: As I don’t like beards on Squats, I painted the entire head section as metal helmet. Those of you who wondered if they were not painted, please leave a comment below and I will improve the metal look. Next up will be artillery support.


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