Epic : Armageddon – Scratching the Leviathan

Before presenting the final results, I wanted to share some pics, revealing more details of how I actually scratched the two Leviathan models, putting an old style Leman Russ aside for size comparison. As you can see, I used just a very few bitz and mostly built the entire model from plastic card, which you can find in any store, offering products for architects. The tracks are Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Leman Russ tracks I think. that aside I used some parts from Ork Battlewaggons to make the gun barrels look similar to one another. After constructing the basic chassis, producing most parts as pairs, to build up both Leviathans simultaneously, I started adding detail, with more, thinner layers of plastic card, tubes etc. and some other spare bitz. cutting little chunks out of the plastic card edges, gave the impression of detail and a warpish feeling to the war engines. Bolts were added as in most 40k conversions, by cutting little parts from plastic card tubes. When I started the conversion, Squat Leviathans used to have 6DC, which they do not have any longer, so proportion wise, this scratch might be a bit large nowadays.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them. Otherwise I will try to get the next post with painted minis up by Friday.



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