Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat Leviathans

As promised, the painted engines of doom. In game terms, I guess the general opinion varies on if Leviathans are useful or not and I need to agree, that maybe Cyclopses and other war engines might be more useful. On the other hand I found an engaging Squat Leviathan formation quite potent in the first test game I had. Adding to that I play a Chaos Squat army, which makes me feel a bit odd concerning the low armour value of most infantry units. Thats mainly because Chaos Squats seem to be heavily armoured which does not match with their ordinary Squat stat line. Hence, for mere fluff reasons, I want to keep them safe up to the point of engagement, when they jump out of their rolling temple of blood and doom and bring death to the weak. Despite that, two formations in Leviathans are quite a pints sink, which makes me wonder, if there is a better list to proxy Chaos Squats. I am always open to new suggestions.



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