Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat infantry I

Good evening everyone, I hope you had a joyful week so far. The last evenings I managed to get all the stuff for todays post done. These are my Berzerkers and some Warrior formations. I love the Chaos squat models, although I need to admit, that the details are not very crisp, which makes it hard to paint them properly without spending a lifetime on every single model, painting crisp edge details etc. As I don’t like the beards, I decided to paint them as facial armour, much alike Mantic Games Forge Fathers (Warpath and Deadzone games). Despite their armoured look, they tend to be super fragile in game terms, which is why I “usually” put them in Leviathans. Their engagement qualities are fairly good, aside of their odd stubborn rules. With the current iteration of the Squat list I had only a single test game, so time will tell how I will structure this list.


2 thoughts on “Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat infantry I

    1. Cheers mate. Having done the photos now. I see cleearly, where I have to repaint some parts… 6mm is just incredibly fiddly and a high res. close up absolutely unforgiving πŸ™‚

      Regarding terrain… I hear that frequently in the last months. Seems like I need to do a blog entry exclusively on that as well.


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