Dropfleet Commander – 5 days left, close to 16 free ships

Hey guys,

as a backer of Dropfleet Commander and entirely amazed of what we can see so far, I feel it is my duty to promote the kickstarter a little bit on my blog. Today, we are at around 426.000£ backed by more than 2760 hobbyists out there. Aside of plenty of bolt ons, most backers recieve lots of free add ons by increasing backing level. The final goal would be Frigate Bonanza, if reaching the 500k mark. If so, 4 frigates for every faction will be added. That increases the value for each backer significantly and I can tell, the design quality of the ships is fabulous.

Being kind of picky with most designs out there in any kind of game, it is rare, that I really love all the models we have seen so far. Today, Hawk added a civilian cruiser and it looks amazing again.

Dropfleet Commander Civilian Cruiser

Lets see, how much more this game gets backed. One thing is for sure – if the game plays just half as good as the minis look like, this is going to be a blast… who does then actually need BFG back?!

That provocative question is up for you to answer.



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