Dropfleet Commander – 500k reached!

Hey guys,

the last few hours of the kickstarter are on and the 500k £ mark has been reached, which means Frigate Bonanza. This brings the following ships for free:

High rank backers:

32 Frigates (12 per race)

4 Cruisers (1 per race)

1 Civilian Cruiser

1 UCM Battlecruiser

3 Additional Battlecruisers (Commodore and above)

Normal backers:

16 Frigates

4 Cruisers


This makes for a 150£ Commodore pledge the following number of ships, split between a minimum of a small Scourge and UCM fleet (starter set) and two additional fleet boxes:

48 Frigates

16 Cruisers

1 Civilian Cruiser

4 Battlecruisers

That is a total of 69 ships (and up to 75, if you go for Shaltari as the other two fleet boxes). That is an incredible value for money. That aside, there are more free add ons for Commodore backers, such as gaming mats etc.

if you haven’t backed the kickstarter, you should be quick about it, as the time is running out. For all the others, here the complete collection of all released vids on Beasts of War, regarding fleet tactics and rule sneaks:


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