Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat infantry II

Here comes the second part of my Chaos Squat infantry. Thunderers are the heavy fire support choice, even though relatively expensive. I played one game with them a few years ago, based on an ancient iteration of the squat list. I still like the look of these – kinda short and beardy versions of Arnold Schwarzeneggers Terminator, carrying rocket launchers in (Squat-)body size.

Also you can spot my Chaos Squat supreme commander – an old plastic Chaos Lord with an icon bearer, supervising his army from a high gothic tower and directing their movements.

Next week I will hopefully around Tuesday display the tunneler-tokens and heavy fire support. Till then, if you are a Squat player, feel free to share your thoughts of Squat infantry and their use in the comments below.



3 thoughts on “Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat infantry II

  1. Your classic Epic figures look great! May I ask why you base them that way? I never would have thought to deliberately mismatch my figure basing from my table but it really makes them pop.


    1. Well, to be honest I did paint my first four armies in brownish colours matching my home game table. In the end I never found my unit stands and it got quite boring. Also you will realise, that as soon as you play elsewhere, your bases are likely to not match those tables… so it doesn’t matter after all. The Chaos Squat bases do match every once in a while, whilest my Dark Eldar really never ever match the table…. but who cares. I like to play with strong contrast between miniatures and bases recently.


      1. I am really enjoying your epic painting, and appreciate your blog. I just got into epic, so it is nice to see established players showing us all how it is done. One of the benefits of starting painting epic now, and not having previously painted armies, is that I can use GW’s crackle paint on the bases. That saves so much time! I bet the red martian looking one would look great with your chaos squats!


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