Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squats tunneler tokens

Today just a short addition to the current force of Chaos Squats. First off, some Thunderfire cannons, one of the few anti air options currently available to the Squat list. Whilst providing an enormous range of 60cm, each formation is relatively fragile, due to its low number of models. This means, without (rather expensive) upgrade with some warrior stands, that a single loss breaks the formation. Therefore a Squat player may not want these vulnerable but crucial units to be exposed at the front lines. On the other hand a secure deployment in your own zone of control, limits secure Squat operations to your own table half. Being so vulnerable, enemy artillery formations can cause serious problems to Thunderfire cannons as well. Loosing them – and due to the fact, that Squats have no aircraft at all – means serious vulnerability to enemy bombers and fighters. In my last test game I found therefore some favour for the additional warrior stands, despite the fact, that one of the few cheap activation boosters became way more expensive and limited my options elsewhere. The models were made by some spare Ork Battlewaggon parts.

Tunnelers provide an interesting tactical option to bring parts of your force behind the enemy lines or advance without taking fire until you reach your destination. To represent the Tunnelers, I built some tokens from a few bitz, left over from other projects. While the “conversions” are rather unspectacular, I just want to demonstrate that any king of trash can be utilised into some kind of useful model or token for your collection.

The two versions of tokens represent the Mole tunneler and the Hellebore. Each is able to carry some units into battle, whereas the Hellbore is way heavier armored and obviously a war engine.

This is my last transport addition to my Squats so far. At some point I might add some further Rhinos – maybe corrupted Rhino APCs from Onslaught. Next and last addition to my force will finally be the big guns. A fairly double edged sword regarding to many players: The Goliath Mega Cannons.




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