Epic : Armageddon – Chaos Squat Goliath Mega Cannons

Welcome to the last addition to my Chaos Squats (for now). Todays addition is a set of Goliath Mega Cannons. This unit is subject to some controverse discussions on the taccoms forum. Personally I love the immense firepower and relatively high resilence a formation of two adds to your army. First off, the firepower is immense, considering a barrage 6 MW attack is able to annihilate smaller formations of Infantry or enemy Artillery easily. Combined with the spotter rule and therefore indirect fire ability for many other MW cannons on larger war engines, Squats are amongst the most powerful artillery armies. The downside is based on many supporting units, required to keep the Goliaths safe from enemy scouts, Jetbikes and aircraft. Binding these troops nearby your table half, means a lack of formations at the front line. Keeping in mind, how incredibly slow Squat armies tend to be, simple redeployment if Goliaths are endangered is usually no option. Never the less, I found these guns tremendously useful in the past and don’t see any reason to not take a formation of two in my list – if only to see my opponents face once the barrage hits one of his formations.

The conversions themselves are based on old Space marine era plastic land raiders, as for many conversions I have done for Space Marine or Imperial Guard armies. The Barrel was made by a selection of different sized plastic card tubes you can find in any hobby supply or architects supply store. Cutting into the barrel created that warpish look and added some details in easy and efficient manner 🙂

Have you created some Goliath or Squat War engines yourself or seen some elsewhere? Feel free to share a link in the comments below or discuss possible sources for neat conversions. Next week I will most likely get the final army display done.




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