Gate of Gemana – 2015 recap and preview

Hey guys,

Christmas is over and so is 2015 with NYE enclosing. What a year I can tell and finally a productive one. Being far too busy for major progress in the first half of this year, I managed to kick off quite a few projects, such as my 5k Dark Eldar army, which I completed in October or the long time dust catcher Chaos Squats (5k) getting done just in time for Christmas. I started a conversion project for a 3k Nurgle Titan Legion in February, with most of the bases painted and the titans primed by now. Some base painting was done on my Knight Household, and a 5k Necron army and Ork army were bought. I painted up an old school Imerial Navy fleet, consisting of Spacefleet era cruisers, which still waits for some escorts additions and finished my Dropzone Commander Scourge army. Finally I got my first 100 posts done a few months ago and an increasing number of followers here and on youtube. This is absolutely lovely, as my projects now reach a considerable audience and I can give something back to our tabletop community, especially to all the Specialist Games fanatics out there keeping the hobby alive. Before moving on, here some impressions of what was done so far:

With great miniature suppliers appearing, new miniatures for games like Battlefleet Gothic and Epic Armageddon, but also their own gaming systems as well as an increasing fanbase for games like Dropzone Commander or Deadzone promises an interesting and project heavy future. Speaking of which… the question is what comes next. First off, I am intending of painting a Covenant of Antarctica fleet in the next months, just because I love the models. Dystopian Wars itself isn’t my kind of game, so I am not sure if I will keep the fleet in the end, but let’s see. The Necron force is assembled and ready for priming. Maybe some additional units need to get converted as well. Then of course the Nurgle Titan Legion needs to get finished as well as the Knight household and some Adeptus Mechanicus units. Finally there is the Ork army and some additions to my existing Dark Eldar force. Mid-year I will write my Master-thesis, thus a few months with slow progress will be predictable. I don’t expect all these projects to get done in 2016, but it’s a rough description of whats waiting in the shelves… Did I mention some Deadzone terrain and Combined army for Infinity? Lots of projects and you never know…

With this brief preview on 2016 (and most likely parts of 2017 ^^) enjoy NYE as much as possible. Happy holidays,



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