Epic : Armageddon -Introductory game

Hey there,

hope everyone had a fantastic start in the new year. I want to kick off with some impressions of a 2k introduction game I have had recently. Being still a discontinued game, introduction games are basically what helps you building up your local Epic scene. Therefore I found nicely painted terrain and armies always a big help, as much as just setting up the table in a hobby club and talking some guys over there into a test game. Usually, 40k players gather up around the table to see their always wanted, but all to expensive war engines of choice, that is Baneblade companies, Warhounds and other large titans in massive formations on the table.  Now the real question is… what makes an easy, balanced and representative introduction game, that ignites the spark within other players to kick off with Epic?

Previously I tried to give such a game with Space Marines and Imperial Guard, to make it easy to understand and relatively balanced… but lets be honest: Introduction Games are not fair, or boring. That is why I just decided to put two 2k forces of AMTL and Dark Eldar together, bringing all different kind of unit types together in two entirely unbalanced lists. These included roughly the following formations:


Dark Eldar

Syndicate with Supreme Commander


4 Vessels of Pain

2 Bomber formations



Warlord (Laser Burner and TLD)

Reaver (Plasma Cannon and LB)

3 Warhounds




Dark Eldar had a total of 9 TK shots a turn and superior aircraft, with AMTl having just a single pair of Thunderbolts, no ground based AA and no Supreme Commander. These lists, though provided all the opportunities to show combined engagements, titans, skimmers, flyers, infantry, Macro and TK weaponry, shields and CAP and intercept attacks. At the end of the game, we had all situations happened in the last turns and except for orbital support no open questions were left. In the process of the game, the initiate killed off two Warhounds and the Reaver as well as doing a few points of damage to the Warhound, losing just closely by one point (which was mainly to demonstrate the importance of fast moving units to take the Blitz in one go). Was the game fair? Most likely not. I am playing this game for four years now. Not on a regular basis but I’ve had enough games in to know what I am doing. Is that important? I guess not. She had a fat smile in her face, when my titans blew up in flames and I guess that is what makes this game so great: tactics, scale and memorizable moments, when fully packed Thunderhawks crash against all odds, or a single critical wrecks your precious war engine. One thing is for sure: That won’t have been her last game.



I am wondering now: how do you guys get new players into playing this great game? Post it below and share your strategy with us.





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