Epic : Armageddon – Necron Infantry

First Infantry squad finalised. The robots are from Dark Realm Miniatures. The shoulder pads are kinda too massive for Necrons, but with metal paint job, they will do just fine.

This is the first of three squads and my scratched Dalek finally found a purpose in life as Supreme Dalek aka C’tan shard of the Necron dynasties. Game wise I prefer the ordinary warriors over the better armed, though also more expensive Immortals.


Are you collecting Necrons as well? Which models do you use for your infantry?


4 thoughts on “Epic : Armageddon – Necron Infantry

    1. I actually regret having bought the DRM cyborgs, as some amazing proxies have popped up recently – which means a few days ago. Perhaps I swap my entire infantry next year … lets see. Anyway, glad you enjoy them.


      1. Ha! if you’re referring to the new Trollz necropolis infantry then yes, I completely understand what you mean. I’m actually going to do a complete reboot on my overly giant for no good reason necron collection and think I’ll sell my necron infantry to use there’s instead now.


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