Epic : Armageddon – Pylons

Today my tomb complex and some super heavy AA support. The first was result of a scratched BFG Necron fleet some years ago and ever since part of my scenery collection. Starting to collect a formidable Necron army end of last year, I decided to recover this piece and integrate it in my active Necron collection.

Necron pylons were the only support AA choice of the old Necron list. Since the Sauthek Legion army list came up, sentry pylons and three choices of flyers were added, yet pylons still form a solid backbone with their impressive range of 90cm (!) AA and 120cm against ground units. Apparently, based on terrain placement, it is rare to get full use out of the 120cm range, but placing two pylons in your deployment zone is usually enough to cover the entire board with AA fire.


You’ve got Necron terrain or neat proxies? post links to your blog below and share your ideas.


Till next weeks update,



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