Epic : Armageddon – Necron Flyers

Today a set of flyers, scratched from multiple bits from Necron jetbikes, BFG Demiurg ships, plastic scarabs and more. Game wise, I found the Necron flyers fairly cheap and efficient, keeping in mind, that usually only Eldar get 4+ armour saves on their aircraft. Bombers add much wanted barrage weaponry to the army, and the ability to target formations anywhere on the table. As Necrons lack artillery, this is even more valuable. I have played them only once so far and the competition amongst Necron units is high. This is mainly because there are actually no useless as well as no op units in the entire army and any list depends very much on synergies between the units.



Which models do you use as flyers? Share your ideas. That’s it for this week, hope you like it guys. Cheers.


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