Epic : Armageddon – Necron Infantry

Finally – more killer robots 😉

These guys add a significant amount to my consisting army, which brings me to 20 stands of warriors. Additionally, this is the first set of Ghost arks. I am always amused, that most models GW releases today have existed for Epic ages earlier – more or less.

The Ghost arks were surprisingly easy to assemble and the level of detail quite astonishing. Also, the actual painting process was fairly quick due to the cast quality. Being old school metal models, I put them on metal rods drilled into old Epic 40k Ork Battlewaggons. This will happen on several other units as well and add some diversity to the otherwise plane martian earth bases.


Next week we go big… I mean really big, because, hey, what’s better than floating war pyramids? Right… bigger floating war pyramids 😛

See ya guys.


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