Epic : Armageddon – Necron Abattoire

As promised, today we go big. The Abattoire is an incredibly large and fragile model. Actually putting it on the table always makes me shiver, hoping for the harvesting arms not to break of. Just taking the fotos actually caused one of them to break. Two more broke off while painting that beast. I have to figure out how to transport it without ending up with an armless harvester in long terms. But back to the actual model. It was pure joy to paint (aside of the arm thingy). Also it makes a formidable centre piece in my growing army.


Game wise I am quite impressed of this monster. I played it in a game in January and fond the infiltrator ability tremendously powerful, keeping in mind, this is a giant floating war engine. That aside, having Living Metal instead of void shields has it’s up and downsides. Depending on the amount of firepower, I found ordinary void shields great to keep lower to medium amounts of fire away from my Warlord Titans, which would be the equivalent to this monster. If the amount of fire is very intense however, it seems that living metal is providing better security, as most Macro and even TK weapons are way less impressive. That aside it’s just a freaking giant war pyramid of death and destruction…

Next week we size down a bit, as I finally have to care about my Eques maniples, which means Destroyers. Cheers.



7 thoughts on “Epic : Armageddon – Necron Abattoire

      1. I am still searching for a base large enough to fit the entire model. Unfortunately, I was not successful yet. The arms are indeed brutally fragile. I broke three of which while painting them with my brush.


    1. Frosted Detail. Minimum if you want a decent amount of details without seeing every single print line. Nonetheless, it still requires some preparing, if you want a smooth finish and is expensive as hell.


  1. Looks great! Nice paint job!

    Sorry about the weakness of the harvester arms. I’ll go back into the model and thicken them up.

    My intent on basing it was to use a Games Workshop flight base or something similar to hold it up off the table. But since I’ve never actually printed it, I’m afraid I’ve never had the chance to try that out.



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