Epic : Armageddon – Necron Destroyers

One major drawback of Necrons is their massive lack of speed. Just looking at the troop profiles, it won’t seem too dramatic as first, as most units have a speed somewhat around 25cm. Yet it is, when you realise, that Necrons can’t ever take march actions, when you start appreciating every single cm of movement. Therefore units such as Tomb Blades, Destroyers and especially Obelisks are so much more valuable. These Destroyers were made from DRM infantry and scarabs from the Warhammer 40k Necron Obelisk set. Again, Ork Battlewaggons do the flight stand job and add some variety to the bases in my army, creating the impression of occasional clusters of long since destroyed Ork tank formations.


Have you converted Destroyers for your Necron? Feel free to share how and what from 😉

Edit: I also started working on some 28mm generic Scifi terrain to provide some scenery for my Infinity and Horus Heresy armies (which will be up here sometime this or next year).




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