Infinity GrimDark – 28mm Scifi scenery

Hay there,

I hope you guys are doing well. Finally, after three years on the shelves, I spent a couple of days, building a massive lot of Mantic Games Scifi terrain. Playing Deadzone, Infinity and soon Horus Heresy, I intended to build some cityscape terrain, that should fit all settings. As shapes and look of the set is overall quite sci-fi heavy, it comes down to the paint job to make it fit for Horus Heresy as well.

As the rough aesthetics of the buildings somehow match the more modern Mechanicum look in M31. it seems logical to go for a related colour palette, including plenty of weathered metal and red. Then again, to match Infinity, I am intending to apply white stripes and bright OSL effects. Hopefully, this will create a look, that matches all three games at once.

After priming the entire lot and applying the base coat of red, the buildings look like this:


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