Epic : Armageddon – Necron Nightscythes

I’ve never really liked the flying croissants, GW designed for the Necron. Therefore I built my own based on some Lychguard shields and other bitz from that box. If I wanted, I could field 1000 points worth of fighters and bombers and could not include all of them in an ordinary 3k game 🙂

In game I found them probably a little too efficient, as they carry a mobile portal, negating some of the major drawbacks and balancing tools of the entire army: speed. Being able to land and port infantry across the entire table is incredible powerful, yet can be countered, if the opponent is aware of such a threat. That aside the formations of two Night Scythes are dirt cheap and I rarely go without them in list building.

Have you got any nice conversions? Link them in the comments below and share your ideas. Cheers.


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