Starting Epic Armageddon – with Space Marines

It is time for another “starting Epic Armageddon” post. As Troublemaker Games have finally sorted their business and Vanguard miniatures provides reliable business in Europe, it is about time to focus on an army that is, unlike their 40k counterpart, not too beginners friendly. Apparently I am talking about Space Marines. In Epic they are an elite force, hard hitting and reliable if it comes to moral. Nontheless, they suffer from being regularly outnumbered and thus having to rely on a well planned surgical strategy. Rewarding though is a highly flexible army, which allows plenty of tactics. From armoured spearheads and primarily ground based troops, backed up by Whirlwind artillery and fantastic Hunter anti air support units, to drop assault or Thunderhawk heavy lists. Being so flexible, I will add a number of further lists the next weeks and roughly describe some tactics. Today though, let’s focus on a fluffy Thunderhawk based list.

As I started Epic with Space Marines, this used to be my first properly performing army list. It proved quite efficient, although if dice rolls go terribly off odds, you might loose the game early on.



4 Assault Units

4 Assault Units

4 Devastators, Supreme Commander

4 Devastators



SCOUT [175]
4 Scouts, Rhinos, Razorback

2 Thunderbolt Fighters

2 Thunderbolt Fighters


4 Whirlwinds, Hunter

1 Warhound Class Titan

1 Warhound Class Titan


The main idea behind this list is air superiority and a hard strike anywhere on the field in turn one. The strike cruiser delivers a potent bombardment, which can be highly effective, or utterly wasted, as for most orbital barrages. It takes some time and trust in your guts to plan the bombardment ahead. Aside of the barrage attack, it is mainly the ability to grant your Thunderhawks planetfall, which makes them a fair bit more resistant to enemy AA fire. The general tactic is to hold your ground with the few units you have on the ground, utilising the Whirlwinds to take on enemy artillery and afterwards AA (Unless the enemy spams the latter, in which case you might switch priorities). Thunderbolts grant some tactical flexibility and might be used to take on enemy aircraft if existent. The two Warhounds grant some high speed MW attacks and are great to take out smaller detachments of your opponent. Devastators and Assault Marines start the game inside the Thunderhawks off board. End of turn one, they perform a ground attack, surrounding an enemy formation. That is preferably an expensive unit, or your enemies Supreme Commander. The Units perform a crossfire and engage the prepped Unit afterwards. In turn two you should have crippled your opponents force significantly and take off with the survivors to attack again in turn three.

Of course it happened to me once, that enemy AA critted both (!) Thunderhawks out of the air, destroying the main bit of my army, followed by a terminator attack, which went terribly wrong after loosing initiative to a guard player. By that point the game was lost, but let’s be honest, that rarely happens.

Now let’s look on the shopping cart. All you need can be bought from Vanguard Miniatures. To be precise, the Tusculum Nova Elites:



Novan Elites – Forefront Platoon – £6.20


Novan Elite – Affray Company – £9.20

1x Novan Elites Specialists – £11.30

(Enough infantry to have some spare tactical squads as well. Specialists, for characters and special weapons) 


2x Novan Bulwark Assault Craft – £32 (16pp)

SCOUT [175]

Novan Royal Marines – £6.20

2x Novan Spitfire ASF – £16 (8pp)


1x Earthian Light Cruiser – £5

1x WHIRLWIND (+1 Hunter)
2x Novan Elite Support Tank Squadron – £21.40

(If you leave the turrets off the tree spare tanks, you can use them as your scouts rhinos)


(Going to be released soon for possibly £15 pp.)

Other than that one could switch to Dark Realm Miniatures for two Andryadnas Malignants for £7.50pp


1 pack round plastic bases – £6


In total, the entire army can be built for around £128.30 to £143.40 in high quality metal miniatures. It also leaves some spare units of tactical marines etc. and is one does not glue the artillery turrets on the vehicles, those can be either Hunters, Whirlwinds, or Rhinos. That gives a good stock for some decent list variation and spares the search on ebay for the old greedy plastic stuff from Grandma Wendy. I hope this article helped you out.









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