Epic : Armageddon – Rise of the Silent Legate

“In a distant dimension, a battle between mighty races is threatening the galaxy in its very existence. In the end, the war will consume those races and only few will survive. When the time war ended, a single Dalek commander was dragged into the transdimensional space. Captured in a maelstrom of madness, no living creature should ever experience, he finally got thrown into real space, yet the galaxy he knew had changed.

Floating through the void of the galactic core amongst black holes and dying suns, an energy signature in the distance attracted his attention. Its origin was located nearby a rapidly dying sun. The Dalek charged his weapon, targeting the energy signature. The words “Exterminate, annihilate, destroy” were unheard in the emptiness of space, yet the creature, which seemed to be the source of the energy signature turned and it’s voice echoed in the Daleks mind. The Dalek felt an alien force, reading its thoughts and breaking all barriers in the deepest parts of his memory. Desperate shots at the creature showed no effect. Finally, the creature closed in, whilst the sun, dissolving and absorbing into the creature expanded and turned darker and darker. Spheres of Shadow surrounded the Dalek and a necrotic, human-shaped face materialised in the centre of the ever shape changing shadows. A voice waved through his mind, promising to free him of the burden and weakness of the flesh, merging him with the machine, making him part of an undying legion. He would serve the star gods amongst the armies of the Necron dynasties.

As the sun faded away, so did his body turn to ashes and he felt his mind merging with the machine, becoming one entity.”

– Birth of the Silent Legate


His first sighting in battle occurred during the battle of Thaios Prime, a former imperial colony, raided and controlled by the Technocracy Thabun for several decades. Unknown  by mankind, the planet used to be a major crown world of the Necron dynasties, millions of years ago. The arrival of the Silent Legate initiated the reactivation protocols and sparked the re-awakening of the reclamation Legions buried in the depths of the planet’s core for aeons. The first city to fall was Perios Primus, and capital of the northeastern province. The defence, led by an Imperator-class battle titan was bloody and lasted for several days until the Silent Legate himself caused a critical reactor explosion and the God Machine got vaporised in the midst of the technocracies defence lines. Turning a major part of the tanks and troops amongst it into ashes and molten metal, the remaining defence troops were defeated and harvested within minutes and the city prepared to get torn apart to unveil the ancient temples and catacombs of the Necrons, waiting for their resurrection in the depths. The following shots were taken by servo drones of the Technocracy, showing the last hours of desperate defence at the city gates of Perios Primus.


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