Infinity GrimDark – Market

Consecutively to last week’s post, here the next fully painted a lot of the entire lot. This trading post with additional crates and boxes and some broken walls to the back adds a scenic piece to the terrain lot, which might function as central building of a trading district within the city terrain. Personally, I find it particularly important to give some sort of narrative to any gaming table, which gives a reason for terrain placement and answers the question, why terrain was set up in a particular way and why the opposing forces might battle in that area.

As done in the previous terrain set, I’ve created for Battlefield Bangkok, I used some of the smaller bits to create some sort of neon lighting, which is freely attachable to any part of the set. In general, I’ve built the entire set in a way that allows for countless ways to recombine to vary every table set up and make any game played, unique. I am not sure if the terrain is suitable for Necromunda though, as it looks too civilised in a way… what do you think?



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