Infinity GrimDark – Watchtower and armoury

Hey guys, hopefully, you are done with your work for this week and slowly on your way back home (you won’t be reading this at work, would you?!). This week’s update includes two buildings. One is a watchtower, which can be put on top of many buildings included in the lot to vary height levels and create some really high buildings. That is in Deadzone measures up to five cubes. Hence, the tower is a crucial part of terrain for any army including snipers or heavy weapons (Infinity or Deadzone), or just looking damn cool in other games.

The other building was meant to represent an armoury of sorts, given the reinforced wall sections. Combined they do a perfect additional outpost as well. The doors are optional for all buildings and heavily rusted and smeared with oil and dirt. Enough said… here some photos. Hope you enjoy them.

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