Horus Heresy – Mechanicum Thallax

This weeks post contains no scenery, but therefore pics of my first Horus Heresy models, which get me back into Warhammer 30k (‘cos I won’t get back into crappy 40k again – promised). The painting was fairly easy and I have to admit I finally enjoy painting heavily weathered models. The paint scheme consists of plenty of chipping on inked Leadbelcher and Chaos Black primer, several washes, more chipping and plenty of pigments. I tried pigments on the bases as well, but considering how horrifying messy they are, even if half way sealed, I decided to simply use the Mechanicum Iron earth, as I still like the effect and after having the Epic Necron army finished I still like the effect. important for the paint scheme is similar as to the scenery I am painting, some white for contrast. Furthermore, allow the white shoulder pads some interesting weathering effects and provide a decent contrast to the decals.


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