Horus Heresy – Castellax Battle Automata

Things are slowly getting bigger for my Mechanicum force. In desperate need for some painted heavy fire support, I am happy to announce that the high-tech command of Thabun was willing to grant access to heavy Castellax support. In the few battles played so far, they proved to be hard to destroy, especially if even larger behemoths were fielded. Combined with a Magos Dominus, repairing and cyberthurgying (is that a word?) up to two wounds per turn, these robots are truly hard to destroy. Armed with special bolt cannons, they are excellent Space Marine hunters, shooting down any kind of armour coming anywhere close.

Model-wise, I don’t really like the Forgeworld models enough to justify the insane prices and went for GWs Kastellan robots. I do like their aesthetics, despite the critics some gamers regarded to their slightly 80ish and clumsy design philosophy. I do agree at least to the extent that the heads look kinda like Mickey Mouse and had to get changed. I simply turned them 180 degrees and glued them to the bottom of the torso, which instantly made their shape getting closer to the Forgeworld ones and a lot more bulky and less comic-like.

That aside, the white stripe on their torso helps to redefine the overall shape. What do you think of these proxies? Decent proxy or unacceptable faux pas?


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