Horus Heresy – Castellax with Darkfire Lances

10000 years in the past, or 29000 years in the future of mankind, the dark wonders of technology have been unveiled or not forgotten yet, will, had… damn… Luckily I am not earning my money by publishing books or blogging. What I actually wanted to say is, that my existing Mechanicum force has now full access to armour breaking firepower mounted on two frustratingly tough war robots of the Legio Cybernetica.

In recent games (unfortunately unpainted, thus undocumented) I found Cyberthurgy, advanced targeting array and two Castellax immensely helpful to destroy heavily armoured targets in one turn. The Rite of Destruction allows for shooting the Heavy2 Darkfire Lances twice, which makes terrific eight shots for the two Castellax models. There is a certain risk to loose some wounds to overheating, but a Magus has to be nearby for the Cyberthurgy anyway, so nothing that could not get fixed in a subsequent turn.

Moving on to the visuals:


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