Infinity GrimDark & Mechanicum Complete

Oh lucky day – if you have been following these posts for the last few months I have to thank you and announce, that I can not stand seeing red on either bases or models any longer 😛 Nonetheless, I am pleased to finally present the entire scenery lot and my entire Mechanicum force – just to prove that the scenery really works well with any kind of setting. Also, mainly because I did not paint the model, just added some details here and there, you might find a little Knight on some of the pics. Army pages will be added to the blog the next days, so stay tuned. Enjoy.

First off the terrain set in all its glory:


Moving on to the Mechanicum forces of the Legio Cybernetica and their allies:



In terms of projects, my focus will shift to some Infinity Ju Ying and Combined Army, Dropfleet Commander and some still unfinished Epic armies aka Orcs and Imperial Knights as well as the infamous Nurgle Titan Legion (The latter being a side project for two years now -.-). There is also an Irn Warriors army and their Primarch Barr, the Irn Bru’n waiting for a decent paint job. Long story short, plenty of exciting hobby stuff coming up in future.


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