Zone Mortalis – Mechanicum in Action

Nothing is more fun than seeing your models doing well on the tabletop. Therefore, I would like to put up some pics of my latest battle of Zone Mortalis – which was as well the first game using the Forgeworld ZM-tiles. It was tremendous fun and even though I lost almost all my Thallax to absurdly upgraded militia units, up to the point of them being better equipped than actual Space Marines. In the end, my deathstar od Castellax secured victory to me, as my Magos simply repaired any damage inflicted by the Militia and made the Deathstar indeed invincible.

We played with hidden deployment and markers, which was fun. The only downside was that my robots could not pass the small doors, which made it kinda obvious, which of my three markers (two being identical squats of Thallax)represented them. In total fun nonetheless and here are the pics taken by Servoskulls:

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