2016 Revue & looking ahead

Anothr year is coming to an end and what a year it has been. Many armies have been assembled and painted, some games were fought and my miniatures collection moved twice with some major repair work to be done in the aftermath. At this point I want to thank all the fellow readers that share my enthusiasm for our great hobby. I tried my best to contribute in what is keeping the specialist games alive. At the same time I am rediscovering 40k through its forgeworld counterpart The Horus Heresy and looking beyond the spectrum of what Games Workshop is offering in their immense range of miniatures.   A range that is so vast as a matter of fact, that I am constantly discovering new gems I did not even knew existed. This is how the Mechanicum army came to life in the previous months alongside Mantics sci fi scenery.

Then again, there are amazing games and competent companies out ther providing the community with a constant stream of high quality games. Painting up the Dystopian Wars range just made me recall how stunning the ammount of details is, that Spartan Games is putting on their models. The next months of 2017 will be dedicated to putting the entire fleet on display. And even though I personally don’t like exploding dice mechanics all that much and find their rule sets overwhelmingly complex for a game I might just play occasionally, many gamers out there appreciate just that complexity.


Speaking of the latter: This year also marked my first dive into Infinity. A lovely tactical skirmish game from Corvus Belli, most veterans out there should know about. If it happens you are not one of them, I would strongly recommend checking out their website and giving it a go. Rules are free and some proxies should do for a start. A Yu Jung army and some Combined Army forces are already waiting on the shelves for a decent paint job in the upcoming year.

I managed some process with the Nurgle titan legion and despite having a hard time deciding how to complete the paint job I am confident of getting this done in the next months. The same is true for my Knight Household for Epic Armageddon. All weapons and battle damage is done. Details and bases remain to get painted.

Therefore I managed to paint up a new Space marine army for Epic Armageddon. With just some decals remaining and the odd detail here and there thy will be on this blog in the next weeks. With just about 4000 points out of 8k in the making, there is enough visual feed for the next months.

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, there are certainly some other projects that will be tackled at some point: A Horus Heresy Irn Warriors army is the follow up for my Mechanicum. Also, my Drop feet Commander Pledge finally arrived yesterday after one year of waiting. And despite a lot of people winning about the way the Kickstarter was handled I just want to say: Who actually expected things to go smoothly with the Kickstarter? Hawk Wargames are trying to run a business with a considerably small company. Handling such a huge project aside of their standard working load is an immense task that no one can expect to go flawlessly. And a flood of emails of inpatient manbabies does not speed things up. Things could have gone smoother but then again, it is an open secret that Kickstarter usually don’t match their estimated deadlines due to unknown unknowns. Therefore I would suggest everyone calm down a bit and to look forward to an amazing game that was pushed from the first creation of 3D models during the Kickstarter campaign to a fully fledged and tested game with plenty of awesome features in less than a year. If you don’t agree, feel free to avoid any commenting, cos I just can’t hear it any longer. For all the others: Look forward to an amazing game. Last but not least: Thumbs up Hawk, keep buggering on!

Drawing this article to a close, I’d be interested in two things: What would you, fellow readers want to see next up in the painting/gaming quo? And second: Which were your highlights of the hobby year 2016? Share your opinion in the comments below. Happy NYE to all of you out there.


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