Epic Armageddon – Whirlwinds

Today something vintage: Old school Heresy Whirlwinds. I simply love those ancient sculpts and they do look fantastic, yet a bit top heavy, given the actual missile battery is roughly the size of the entire hull.

In game, I have mixed feelings about whirlwinds. They are rather area denial than an actual offensive weapon, as they never even reach the enemies deployment zone, without doubling at least one turn towards the table centre. Therefore they usually rank up high in the enemies target priority nd tend to get shot down by enemy artillery rather quickly, relieving some pressure from your own units.

There are certainly armies, against which they stand out. That is namely Orks and other fast-forward aggressive armies. Against Imperial Guard or Tau, however, they hardly perform well. Given the overall look and necessity within army composition, I intended to get a few incorporated within my collection anyhow.



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