Epic Armageddon – Iron Hands Scouts

For any Space Marine Army, scouts provide a vital element in army composition. Points efficient, cheap activation upping units, being able to deny parts of the battlefield to the enemy. By aggressive tactics, they may force an enemy to either evade them or waste an expensive unit on engaging them whereas other more valuable targets would have been targeted instead.

Personally, I tend to drive scouts around in rhinos, packing the odd laser-razorback in, if points allow. That is not at least to prep enemy units for engagements – something scouts could not do, given their lack of long range weaponry.

This is also one of my first experiences in using an airbrush to actually paint 6mm infantry. I am pleased with the gradients. It was nerve wrecking, however, as any larger pigment essentially caused havoc on the paint scheme. If you’ve got any tips or recommendations, please feel free to let me know in the comments below.



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