Epic Armageddon – Iron Hands Iron Father

Any Epic army deserves a proper HQ. Thus I have been sorting out bitz from my chaotic bits box matching a Mechanicum/Space Marine 6mm hero. I found a handful of tubes and pipes, some searchlights and parts of the Skitarii sprue. Additionally, I found some old Necron spine parts – leftovers of my Epic Necron army, which I built last year. All mixed together I put the torso of a plastic tech marine in the centre of the abeyant. The HQ model is fairly large and should be a proper representation as an Iron Father or Mechanicum Lord.

Accompanied by some Tactical Marines, this is the new centrepiece for the army, even if larger and more violent units follow in the next weeks. If you kitbashed any HQ models alike this Iron Father, please feel free to share a link below or discuss, which parts work best for 6mm conversions in general. I am curious.


5 thoughts on “Epic Armageddon – Iron Hands Iron Father

  1. Really great work with your Epic HQ conversion, it looks fantastic! I have found that so many technical parts from 40k scale models can be used for the larger war machines and vehicles, especially ork stuff as they seem to fit the scale well.

    I have two ork gargants converted from 40k scale killa cans:

    And small ork glyphs make great banners for command vehicles:

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    1. They do look fantastic mate. Good work. Orks are so much fun to paint… Used to do a video about epic some odd years ago, featuring some scratch built Grargants. Utter joy to build and it still looks decent. Should be somewhere on my YouTube channel or on this blog.


    1. Totally agree – there are quite a few neat conversions. Not sure if he is still active, but his older projects are quite awesome.


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