Supplies running low

As some PMs have reached me asking for progress on Titanicus and other projects, I want to get the reply out here for all of you waiting for updates.

Unfortunately Covid seems to still impact production and supplies. Whilst already switching to Titanicus, partially because it is awesome, but also because I was running low on paints, I have now run out of all my technical paints. I did order supplies about four weeks ago, but they have not arrived yet. I painted all AT terrain all the way to some final weathering, but AK interactive enamel paints and some new oil paints are still stuck somewhere in transit.

I have also started painting up some Man O War, but again, the technical paints are missing to finish off the paint scheme.

That being said, you can count on a few big waves of Titanicus terrain, the Ork Gargant clan and soon after the Necromunda theme sets and a Man O War fleet. Stay tuned.

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