Epic : Armageddon

Ever been interested in a brilliant, tactical challenging game that is not 40k, but features all it’s fluff and armies? Try Epic:Armageddon! In a view minutes, the videos and links on this page will give you a brief overview about what the game is about, where to find the rules, army lists and army creators, as well as further inspiration. Most important are the quick links to manufacturers of suitable proxy miniatures for each of the available races. Let’s get started:

“Epic : Armageddon is the most recent incarnation of the Epic series produced by Games Workshop. It is one of the most interesting and tactically challenging tabletop games in 6mm scale.”

Nowadays it is still supported by a huge community worldwide. Alternative, and affordable models can be purchased through Steelcrown Productions. They feature a wide range from Onslought Miniatures, Troublemaker Games or Exodus wars. Original plastic models can be bought for affordable prices on ebay.

Which race would you like to start with?

1st step: download rules and army lists


Rules – on NetArmageddon.org

Army Lists – on Net-Armageddon.org


2nd step: create your army list


Army generator 1 – traitor-legion

Army generator 2 – brumbaer


3rd step: get your miniatures (direct links to suitable proxies below)



Imperial GuardEW Legions

TM Novians

DRM Pax Arcadia




Adeptus Sororitas / InquisitionOnslought Sisterhood





EldarTroublemaker Games Eloi




OrcsTM Skinnerz




Dark EldarOM Stygians




TauOM Okami Technocracy Combine, Sektnids & Avians (Kroot proxies)

  DRM Kraytonians




Space MarinesEW Prefects

DRM Pax Arcadia





Adeptus MechanicusTM Cybershadow

TM Novians

DRM Pax Arcadia




NecronEW Edenites

DRM Andrayadas




SquatsEW Khazari




Titan LegionsEW Zho Behemoths




TyranidsDRM Skyth

OM Legion




ChaosEW Edenite tanks & walkers

EW Prefects

DRM Pax Arcadia



EW= Exodus Wars
OS= Onslought
TM= Trouble Maker

DRM= Dark Realm Miniatures

NOTE: Additionally a relatively cheap range of plastic miniatures for Orcs, Eldar, Space Marines and also Chaos, Imperial Guard etc. can be found on ebay. Just Forgeworld Models and GW Metal miniatures are mostly ridiculously expensive.


You See: Starting Epic is relatively cheap and easy. Rules can be found on Net-Armageddon.org with the most up to date tournament packs and army lists provided by the community and the rules council.

Searching for players? Well… check out T3 tournaments in Germany or Miniwars.org

Additionally build up two armies and convince biased 40k Players to swap to this way more entertaining, challenging and rewarding game!

For more information check out my introduction videos on this blog and my Youtube-channel to get some insights how the game works and how to start. For more inspirational stuff also visit taccom.tactical-wargames.net The community is very alive and provides new battle reports every day, as well as playtesting and developing current army lists to streamline them with nowadays models provided by Games Workshop. Start playing:

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