Chaos Squats

Legions of Hashvaht

The forces of Chaos are legion. A single idea can spread corruption throughout the minds of almost every living being across the Galaxy. When the Tyranids invaded the Core Worlds of the Squats, close to the Galactic centre and a whole race was nearly exterminated, the survivors spread throughout the stars, driven by frustration and anger – left alone by Imperium and God-emperor himself. By the time, the Squats searched for a new reason for staying in this Galaxy. Some left the imperial territories to live a solitary life along the very last border of known space. Others gave in their anger and found a new reason to proceed in the darker powers of Chaos. Hashvaht became their new god, supporting them with mighty powers to endure the centuries to come. The forges of Chaos found on many demonic Squat worlds did not rest for ages. The hammering never stops – never. Now the time has come, when legions leave these recluse planets and bring war to the empire of man.



When I was searching for some cheap plastic artillery for my Death Korps of Krieg, there was a whole string of ostensibly useless Squat miniatures. As I found myself in the last months more and more into Scratchbuilding huge models, the Idea of creating a whole bunch of chaos-themed War Engines for the Infantry I already had. In result there is a pretty much unique Squat army now, waiting to be painted. While other projects like the mentioned Death Korps demand a proper paint job first, I really want to share the Chaos Squats with all of you already now. So please forgive me the huge lot of only base coated miniatures. It would be great, if you can find some inspiration for your own projects, or at least some “constructive critics” about my work.

Thanks 🙂


Army view


Robots (even though I have at least 15 stands of plastic robots, I found these conversions more characterful)


Berserker (Including tunneler proxies)


Land Train and Biker


Goliath Mega Cannons


Hellbore proxie with Chaos Squat Warriors


Chaos Squat Leviathan war engines



Chaos Squat Robot-Automaton maniple





Overlords / Barges of Hashvaht

 Goliath Megacannons & Land Train

Goliaths and Land Train – rear view


4 thoughts on “Chaos Squats

  1. Thanks a lot. To be honest, it is the part I do enjoy the most. Painting is predictable. Scratch building and converting is way more random and exciting.


  2. I found some video samples of the wip-process of creating the Leviathans. For the Overlords I used pretty much the same way, so let me just include some more pics in that upcoming video.


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