Eldar Titan Clan

Epic Armageddon_Eldar Titan Clan 2

This is the whole Titan Clan from the legendary, lost Craftworld “Ctho”. I wanted to give a much darker and more sinister look to my Eldar compared to those colour schemes used by GW. Therefore I also used dark metal colours. The blue was painted with lots of reflections and lighting from above. The yellowish eyes gave a more futuristic touch to everything, whilst shiny red gems gave a subtile evil touch to the colour scheme. One of the Phantom Titans is a kitbash of leftover parts from an old Wraithlord, a support weapon platform and the original Titan Kit itself. Here is the whole list:

Warlock Titan (with Psycic Lance)

Phantom Titan

Phantom Titan

Phantom Titan (the kitbashed one, with Tremor Cannon)

Revenant Titans (actually old Eldar Knight models)

Revenant Titans

Wraithlord Troupe



4 thoughts on “Eldar Titan Clan

  1. Striking scheme! I like it – almost more ofa Corsair style paint scheme it’s really creates a contrast on the brown desert landscape.

    Might I ask what colours you used for them?


    Brian K.


  2. Let me see if I rememer… I think the first step was a dark blue primer from Army Painter, sprayed from a 45 degrees angle on the models. afterwards I used three blue tones from Citadel to create the light reflexions on certain parts of the models. Red gems are again Citadel Colours. Dark Red, Blood Red and Fiery Orange as Highlight. Tiny dots of pure white create the impression of actual light reflexions. The yellow glow was Citadet as well as far as I remember. Bases are Citadel brown texture paste, dry brushed with some sort of a boneish tone and some brown grass tufts on them. Hope that helps. Cheers 🙂


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