Dark Eldar

Once the Dark Eldar have been allies of the Technocracy. After their betrayal, technocratic forces try to regain waste territories raid by Dark Eldar warbands.

My Dark Eldar fleet is completely scratched. You will find lots of bits from the current Dark Eldar plastic range used for many of these ships. Utterly necessary are the current Jetbikes, Hellion Skyboards and Razorwing rockets. It was great fun to build them up and same time fairly easy to do. For questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Enjoy.


The Fleet

Dark Eldar Flotte

Escort Ships with Lances

DE Eskorten

Fleet in action


Escort Ships with gun batteries 


2 thoughts on “Dark Eldar

  1. Back in times when I was still into 40k, before 6th edition made me quit the bloody madness it had become, I invested quite some money in city fight and planetary defense scenery. The defenses were made from quad cannon tripod not included in the aegis boxes but every bastion kit if I am not profoundly mistaken. Turn them around, use some plastic card, chimera lasguns, Valkyrie heavy bolter mounts and some 40k weaponry cut into pieces and glue the whole lot all together. The sneaky eye also detects parts of Leman Russ Punisher cannons, ammo crates and so much more everyone should have spare in his or her bitz box 😉

    To sum it up: A crude bitz bash mounted on a quad cannon tripod.


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