Demiurg / Squat fleet

When the Dark Eldar of the bloody sun broke pact with Technocracy, the Demiurg of the inner Core Worlds became their new allies. A view centuries ago, when the Tyranids assimilated the Core Worlds and nearly exterminated the Demiurg – distant children of man, the seed of anger was set deep into the souls of what remained. The Imperium had forsaken their children and so they were demanding for revenge.

Here you can find my fully painted Demiurg fleet. I doubt being able to ever field this fleet as a whole as it is worth much more than 2000 points in total. Never the less I am happy to own this massive pack of dwarfish space craft power. It consists of two Stronghold class cruisers, six Bastion class cruisers and a squadron of Demiurg escorts which were scratched of a cut-in-shape Bolter and an arrow of a WH40K Chaos spike-bucket.

Demiurg Eskorten Demiurg FleetIMG_9108 IMG_9109 IMG_9110 IMG_9111 IMG_9112

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