Warhammer 30k – Horus Heresy

Finally it’s official – I am getting back into Warhammer – more specifically, into Warhammer 30k, Horus Heresy. I started buying a Mechanicum Taghmata army together with some Skitarii off ebay for a reasonable price.The collection so far consists of the following units:

Thagma Etha

Archmagos Veneratus

Magos Dominus

Magos Dominus

2 Castellax with Bolters

2 Castellax with Darkfire Cannons

3 Thallax with Multimelta

3 Thallax

3 Thallax

3 Myrmidon Destructors (Mechanicum Destroyer proxies)

3 Myrmidon Destructors (Mechanicum Destroyer proxies)

3 Thanatars

1 Knight Lancer


Skitarii Support

Skitarii Vanguard

Onager Dunecrawler


The colour scheme I am going to paint, is a modification of the current Necron scheme, mainly as one of the 2nd hand Thanatars and the Knight allready had a paint scheme in similar colours and therefore just require minor adaptations. The force is going to get painted in the next months, presumably after my Necron army.

Here some first impressions:



If anyone has already experience with the Taghmata, feel free to post on tactics and comments below.