Dropzone Commander

Already being curious about DC during the last years, the relatively high price always distracted me from starting with it. Last week a friend bought a starter set and so I was pushed towards starting with DC as well. In the future there will be battle reports and stuff as well, but let us first start with what DC is all about. The game is produced by Hawkwargames for some years now. The story is set in the more or less close future – at least if compared to the grim dark universe of Warhammer. Hawkwargames describe their self as “a brand new company, dedicated to the design, development and production of class leading miniatures and wargames.” 

That is definitely true. I bought the starter box and some resin miniatures. The detail quality is amazing, so is also the whole concept itself. Every single race (4 so far) is quite unique and has nothing comparable floating around the market so far. The resin is way better than everything I know from Forgeworld so far, so the high price is absolutely worth it. Design wise there must have been special care about easy assembling and transporting, as well as easy painting. Every model fits amazingly well and many components work as well without gluing. Most models can be painted with simple techniques as dry brushing and use of Inks. The rules seem to merge the best of every other game on the market to forge something dynamic, tactical and fast playable.

Here are some shots from the starter box. The paper buildings are great printed and the posters/citymaps are great for easy and fast scenery to play with. A video unboxing can be found here (not made by me): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnmXBOzkOOA

Also a really nice introduction and way more detailed: http://www.crossgamingclub.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=2909

And the “mothership”: http://www.hawkwargames.co.uk

Edit: Check out the gallery below for impressions of the plastic quality from the starter sets, which have ben recently released, dropping the initial cost to get started to around 35 GBP, which is a bargain, so to speak. If you want to play UCM or Scourge, go for the 2-player-starter set, as it provides Scenery and the rulebook as well. If you want to stick to only one army or feel more touched by cyborg-ish PHR or the exotic Shaltari, buy two starter army sets and a Rulebook, getting you started with 1400 points, which is almost tournament level, for around 80GBP.



Scourge army part one

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