Deadzone – Starter set painted

Fellow readers, finally I managed to paint a whole starter set, though the scenery was taken from the set at Battlefield Bangkok. The painting process in total was a little pain, fighting against troubleshooting as the colour dried with 40°C almost immediately. Due to a storm, electricity was out for quite a while and air condition was switched off. Never the less I am happy with the overall look of scenery and miniatures, especially if considering the 5 hours for the scenery and around 14 hours for painting the Plague and Enforcers. Quite a few things went a bit wrong, yet I won’t say which at this moment. Instead I am curious to see if you guys recognise what went not exactly as wanted. Post a comment below.

First of all the fully painted Enforcers.


Here comes the Plague


And finally the starter set scenery, which I really love. For myself I purchased not only the latter, but also an urban quadrant box from Mantic Games and I am looking forward for getting it painted, as soon as I am back from Thailand. painting wise I found it pleasantly easy to vary the different module sections I built up for Battlefield Bangkok. Also the Tamya clear red blood effects worked neatly and added the typical Deadzone splatter touch with a little twinkle in ones eye.


Deadzone – WIP painting update

Hey folks,

last week was spent to bring some more details on Plague and Enforcers. I also got a game in on friday, though unpainted enemies and not painted battlefield. Therefore I am going to paint up the store set of Battlefield Bangkok on friday on a tts-level. If I have time, a full coloured battle will take place as well. The more attentive of you might recognise the lacking edge highlights on the rocket launcher enforcer. Those will be added before all the OSL will be painted on Friday. Next week I will add some more edge Highlights to the Plague and then the main-part should be done. I have to admit, being slightly amazed by how fast skirmish-based games can be painted up… I like it, gimme more 😛

Here are the pics so far. Comments and critics are highly welcome.




Deadzone – first colour, first blood

Sawasdee Khrap valued readers.

today I want to talk about my Deadzone starter set, including pro and cons of the material Restic. Furthermore there are some shots of my Pleague and Enforcer starter armies, which got the first few layers of colour today at Battlefield Bangkok. Even though not nearly finished the guys were kind enough to put some grass-tufts on their bases to make a good impression for you guys.

1. Deadzone starter set – the content

There are already some resumés out there, some complaining, others hyping the content of the boxed set. The gaming mat itself is a very nice pice of scenery, as the printing looks very neat and I can hardly imagine a more comfortable way of playing on a highly evocative board. No sand, falling off after a couple of uses, no scratches and it is easy to stow in the box set after each game. The only thing I would wish to see in the future is a variety of patterns, in case you want to combine several sets for a large game. Assumed you got enough scenery.

Logic consequence is to proceed with the included scenery. It is definitely enough to build up some smaller structures with enough scenery for a couple of games. The plastic itself has rarely flash and is easy to clean. The variety of different structures is huge and barrels, boxes and energy cells help to create a cool setting for your games. Undoubtably there are not enough tiles to create Buildings with four walls, if you want to have enough terrain throughout the whole table. Being fair, it is still a fair amount of scenery if one considers the relatively low price for the starter set. The only thing I really have to complain about is the connector system mantic created. Even though some blogs and websites around make you believe it is easy to build up different scenery for every game I have to say it is not. The connector system is a pure nightmare – pain in the a** to assemble and once you got the scenery built up it is sometimes hard to remove without breaking the connectors into pieces. I appreciate the basic idea Mantic had to create dynamic, changeable scenery, though the design needs still some massage to improve the system further and make it more convenient to use. Aside of that – as I already mentioned, the overall look of the scenery is awesome. I would wish to see a bit more connector sprues inside the package though, as I ran out of them on half was and was left with a whole bunch of spare tiles, not being able to create more buildings.

The armies are two fully competitive starter armies, which offer plenty of choice and variety for many games. Considering the fact that ordinary games are around 70pts and each faction contains miniatures worth points, excluding upgrades etc. The two packs are really good value. The Enforcers come even with some weapon options. In opposite to some other posts I read in the past dealing with wobbly castings, there was no flash at all on my miniatures. The detail level is as great as usually found on resin or pewter miniatures – big like.

Restic is something new for me and I have to say I like and I hate it the same time. As mentioned it captures details impressively well. The figures are relatively light and for conversions way better than pewter and perhaps resin. Getting rid of casting mould lines is the pure pain. It takes hours to get rid of them, they are hardly to remove and after the first layers of colour you will still find some on the models. The good thing is that they are fairly tiny and therefore hardly detectable. That makes it hard to remove them but covers them as well, in case you forgot here and there some lines to remove. Once everything is glued together with superglue (as plastic glue does not work at all), the miniatures will rarely break apart again.

The rules & the rulebook were actually what made me interested in this game. No measuring, true line of sights, some cool secret mission cards and tactical options with a highly tactical and strategical ruleset that is fairly easy to learn. The fact that games are more even and more interesting than Necromunda skirmish games for example made it a great choice for me. Many of us don’t have the time to meet the same people all the time to buy new equipment for our gangs etc. Deadzone offers a neat range of tactical options, as well as some really nice ways of organising your task force. This makes it more convenient for people that travel or tend to play in different gaming groups. Design-wise I appreciate the background stories that set Deadzone clearly apart from any king of Necromunda-ish setting. I would like to see a cleaner layout and design in the next versions of Deadzone, as the fancy background patterns tend to distract the readers attention and make the book look a bit messy. Aside of that great rules and awesome book.

Next time I will talk about the gaming system more in detail and have a look inside the campaign book Nexus Psi. Now it’s time for first blood and a little show off from Enforcers and the Pleague in their current level of painting, which is around 40% of what I want to do. The Enforcers will get more red amour plates painted with Tamya clear red. additionally the OSL need to get applied, as well as some weathering. I want to create a darker setting to pay tribute to their background as secret army of the corporation. The Enforcers received a brown colour scheme with cyan areas on their exoskeleton. Obviously the clothes aren’t painted yet, the skin demands highlights and there is even more to do with the Enforcers. Here are the pics:

IMG_9806 IMG_9807 IMG_9808 IMG_9809