Warhammer 30k – Horus Heresy Mechanicum

Hay guys,

something unexpected and new to announce: I am getting back into Warhammer 40k… well 30k – Horus Heresy to be precise. I’ve had an intro game for 7th edition after NYE and had to admit, that the game improved a lot since 6th edition (which made me sell my entire collection back then). Now I am not going to get comparably mad again with more than 30.000 points of models back then. Instead I wanted to collect a 2,5k Mechanicum force for Horus Heresy. I spent some time on ebay, buying 2nd hand models and some slightly miscast ones and some stand in 40k Skitarii and Mechanicus models. The highlight were these two guys, already painted in a colour scheme that is actually quite close to my Epic Necrons. That being said, I am going to modify the paint scheme a bit and then adapt it to the remaining models.

As far as I’m concerned, 40k is still not a good game, as far as strategy, tactical depth and game balance go, though it’s fun enough and the new objective mechanics are quite fun. That being said I am looking forward for painting something larger than a Pound coin in quite a while. Also it might be a  nice way of getting in touch with players and drag them into Specialist Games as well.

Have you played Horus Heresy yet? Tell


me what you think about it. Cheers.


Epic : Armageddon – Dark Eldar Army Display

Finally time for proper army display – if you haven’t had the chance to see all the units in detail, feel free to check the entries tagged with Dark Eldar or Stygian to get more detailed unit shots and check their former 40k counterparts. Personally I am looking forward for playing many games with these guys. The total points value should be around 5500 with 1500 points of infantry and transports waiting to get painted:

The army page can be found here.

Finally some more shots of my 40k Dark Eldar army, which won’t be available on the army page:


Warhammer 40k – Forces of Corruption

Todays topic is not Dark Eldar but some Chaos models I’ve painted up around three to four years ago. I found some pics on an external hard drive and thought I might share it here. The force was meant as traitor Regimental HQ, with Chaos champion counting as Straken. All the models were converted with care and my first tries on OSL. I need to admit that OSL  is easier to do in 28mm scale. What do you think about these models – can you tell what they stand in for in particular?

Looking back I have to say my abilities in painting skin were always a bit mediocre. If you have some great tutorials, please post a link below –  maybe it helps 🙂