Titanenlegion AMTL

This is it – my new, fully painted AMTL. The Warlords got their bases done in the meantime, so their pics will be exchanged once I get time and scenery for some new close ups.

The following section is dedicated to my first titan legion I sold, repainted and reorganised in the past years. Descriptions to titan loadout were based on the AMTL codex of 2012, which changed since then quite a bit.

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><p>Name: IMG_5578.JPG <br />Hits: 232 <br />Größe: 532,7 KB <br />ID: 166669

Warmonger Titan
Command Titan

The Warmonger is my super-heavy support Titan. Including four Hydra-guns he is a pretty decent anti air bubble. The main weapon is half as destructive as the Plasma-Annahilator of the imperator Titan. this lack of power it equals by being able to shoot every turn. Additionally the Warmonger carries a set of eight support rockets. I am able to choose from deathstrike missiles with marvelous titan killer abilities to shield ignoring warp field rockets. Another really smart ability is the fire control centre which allows to throw a second to hit roll, in case the first one failed. This guaranties every rocket to hit the target. The corvus assault pod “unlocks” a skitarii platoon as a support choice, which gives me another activation or a close combat shield for cheap 100 points.

Due to its supporting role I like to place my Supreme Commander inside this giant behemoth, giving supporting fire while being most likely out of range in second row.

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><p>Name: IMG_5577.JPG <br />Hits: 235 <br />Größe: 507,9 KB <br />ID: 166668

Imperator Titan
Fist of technocracy
The uber-titan of imperial titan legions. Pretty much straight forward and with much more face to face firepower, the Imperator titan is nearly identical to the Warmonger in all other aspects. The weaponry is able to destroy more or less every Target, except for an ork Mega-Gargant perhaps, in a single turn. What do I have to say more?!

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><p>Name: IMG_5579.JPG <br />Hits: 233 <br />Größe: 512,6 KB <br />ID: 166670

Warlord Titan
Lucius Pattern

This Warlord is GWs standard pattern guy. Why being able to deliver service in every job he is a professionalist in none. Due to this lack of efficiency and its low speed, I rarely use this  model in my titan legion lists.
Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><p>Name: IMG_5581.JPG <br />Hits: 234 <br />Größe: 449,3 KB <br />ID: 166672

Warlord Titan
“Beetleback” – Close combat style

This warlord is my close combat monster. Carrying two Plasma Destructors, he is able to deliver some amount of firepower while closing to the enemy. Once reached the enemy lines, he is able to break through everything with the Meltagun and its Titan close combat weapon.

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><p>Name: IMG_5580.JPG <br />Hits: 231 <br />Größe: 458,8 KB <br />ID: 166671

Warlord Titan
“Beetleback” – Infantry and tank hunter

I know, a lot of people out there don´t like the Gatling Blaster. I can understand why, even though I guess in larger lists there is some space for this configuration. A really serious argument for it would be the low amount of points, while getting a lot of firepower against everything lacking reinforced armour. Another one would be the cool look of course *g*.

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><br /><p>Name: IMG_5572.JPG <br /><br />Hits: 226 <br /><br />Größe: 538,4 KB <br /><br />ID: 166663

Warlord Titan
“Beetleback” – One man artillery company

This guy is the most expensive of my Warlords. Equipped with three quake cannons and a carapace landing pad, it is its duty to hold the capture the flag target, while giving long range support across the battlefield. Furthermore I am sure there won´t be a more expensive guy in my list except for the emperor class titans perhaps.

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><br /><p>Name: IMG_5573.JPG <br /><br />Hits: 226 <br /><br />Größe: 562,7 KB <br /><br />ID: 166664

Reaver Titan
Lucius Pattern – Artillery titan

This Reaver is comparable to my Warlord displayed above. One remarkable difference would be the Lack of a carapace landing pad and therefore no ability to give indirect fire support. I think that is much fairer to your opponents, as three blast templates with macro weapon ability fuck up almost everything in one turn.

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><p>Name: IMG_5576.JPG <br />Hits: 225 <br />Größe: 558,4 KB <br />ID: 166667

Reaver Titan
Lucius Pattern – Tank hunter

Equipped with three Laser blasters a Reaver Titan becomes an awesome tank hunter. Except for really heavy tanks, there is nothing being able to withstand a single attack.

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><p>Name: IMG_5575.JPG <br />Hits: 223 <br />Größe: 533,7 KB <br />ID: 166666

Reaver Titan
Lucius Pattern -Titan hunter

Carrying two vulcano cannons and a support missile, the aim and purpose of this Reaver is obvious. Nothing more but the total annihilation of every titan sized foe! Be aware, enemies of technocracy!

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><p>Name: IMG_5574.JPG <br />Hits: 218 <br />Größe: 499,0 KB <br />ID: 166665

Warhound packs

Warhounds deliver fast striking elements to the titan legions. Without them, enemies would be able to outmaneuver my troops much easier. Even though, they are comparable fragile and should be used carefully.

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><br /><p>Name: IMG_5570.JPG <br /><br />Hits: 220 <br /><br />Größe: 575,2 KB <br /><br />ID: 166661


Forgeknights are perhaps not the toughest troupe in game, but really cool. They offer some nice close combat attacks but are relatively expensive at the same time. Everyone who plays for efficiency should go for sth. else. For those who are really into fluff and stuff, I can really recommend to spent points on at least one formation.

Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht </p><p>Name: IMG_5583.JPG <br />Hits: 216 <br />Größe: 681,9 KB <br />ID: 166674

They are rarely seen in Titan legion lists. One reason might be the restriction to one ormation per corvus assault pod. Choosing one formation of these guys would mean sacrificing a weapon slot for your normal titans. Not a good deal I´d say. By fortunate coincidence an emperor class titan brings a single CAP as part of his standard  configuration. I would strongly recommend spending the additional amount of points, as it means two activations for 1350 points instead of just one for 1250. Sure, a formation of Sentinels would do that job equally, but the Skitarii are much more resilient.


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